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Vision, mission & values


MicruX is focused on the development of novel technologies to obtain innovative and versatile products with multiple applications in the research, educational and industrial sector.

Our aim is the development of high quality technological solutions in order to cover all the needs of our customers in the microfluidic and electrochemistry field. Thus, the use of microfluidic and electrochemical devices could become more routinary in different research fields as well as in industry.


MicruX develops and manufactures miniaturized analytical devices based on the most innovative Lab-on-a-Chip technologies. Microfluidic electrophoresis chips and electrochemical sensors are an important part for building novel Lab-on-a-Chip devices which can be applied to environmental, health or food analysis.

MicruX provides to their customers the latest innovations in microfluidic platforms, electrochemical sensors and analytical portable instrumentation for their research and educational activities.

Moreover, MicruX also makes available to its customers all their scientific knowledge in order to make easier the work with our products.

The success of our customers in the microfluidics and electrochemistry field is our main mission.


1. Intelligence: We surprise by means of knowledge:

  • Understanding and realizing the needs of our customers.
  • Thinking and making thinking.
  • Showing experience and skills.

2. Innovation: Anticipation is the key to see and make things from another point of view. Innovation is something that we confirm with facts. Innovation is the bet on solutions that improve the way of offering our services.

3. Agility: Our intuition gives rise to detect opportunities on a fast and effective way. Constant work makes us to progress on the needs of change of society and to be more decisive.

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