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New Ultra-compact ECSens Potentiostat

  • 01-03-2022

February ends with the introduction of a new product, the ECSens ultra-compact potentiostat (ref. ECSENS100)! It is the most compact and affordable electrochemical sensing interface, that has been specially design to use screen-printed electrodes or other sensors available in the market. ECSens is a first-class entry level potentiostat for basic electrochemical studies, development of biosensors and many other applications.

MicruX ECSens includes the most common electroanalytical techniques: voltammetry and amperometry, allowing a true on-site analysis. The device is fully-controlled from a PC by a graphical user interface, MicruX EC Manager Lite. Moreover, ECSens offers multiplexing possibilities.


ECSens standard pack is already available, including the ultra-compact potentiostat, sensor interface for directly plug-in the screen-printed electrodes, USB adaptor, USB extension cable, a dummy cell and MicruX EC Manager software LITE version. Just during March, a free box of printed electrodes (ref. ED-S1PE-C) will be included with the purchase of ECSens standard packDon´t miss out this offer!!!

MicruX team from Sales & Marketing Department will be glad to support you with any doubt or query. You can keep in contact using our Chat Online or by contacting us at sales@micruxfluidic.com.

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